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Cara Skin Care Facials
To properly treat all skin types; 

All 60min Facials are $75.00

All 90 min Facials are $95.00

Signature Facial - 60min / 90min

A signature facial will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean. Every facial starts by cleansing the skin, followed by a skin analysis, conducted in order to customize each facial based on each individual skin type. Once the skin has been treated, it is followed by a relaxing massage of the face, neck and shoulders. We finish our skin care regime with a mask that is chosen based on your skin care needs, followed by hydrating eye cream as well as skin cream.

Express Facial Treatment - 30min - $54.00

Looking for a quick refresher? This facial leaves you feeling clean and energized, customizing each facial to cater to your individual skin care need. An express facial includes a deep cleansing of the skin, an exfoliation treatment followed by a treatment mask and face cream. This is perfect for anyone on the go or in between full facial skin care treatments.


​Acne Clarifying Treatment - 60min / 90min

This treatment is designed to rid the skin of blackheads and congestion through a deep cleansing of the skin, followed by our Pumpkin Heat Exfoliating Mask, to aid in exfoliation without further spreading acneic bacteria on the face. This treatment includes steam to soften the skin to allow for easier extractions followed by our PhytoMud Pore-Minimizing Mask, which is a powerful skin clarifier. Our skin care routine is finished with a serum chosen specifically for acneic skin, with eye cream and a hydrating face cream.


Detox Facial Treatment - 60min / 90min

​Delight your skin with this intense detox treatment to remove impurities, and unclog pores. A fresh, revitalized and brighter completion will be revealed to enhance your skin health and personal well-being.  With a deep cleansing and exfoliation the highlight of this facial is the use of Cara's Platinum CC Serum, which leaves the skin with a visibly smoother appearance, and with the use of the conditioning Ruby Beads adds a luxurious finish for a refreshed and youthful appearance.


Hydrating Treatment - 60min / 90min

Indulge your skin with the Cara Hydrating Treatment, rich in nutrients and moisture binding ingredients.  The high and low molecule hyaluronic acid ensures that the moisture level is sealed in for long wear time.  The skin looks revived and fresh through the day.


Sensitive Skin Treatment - 60min / 90min

Fragile, sensitive, easily damaged skin requires special care and attention.  Sun exposure, wing, changes in temperature and certain ingredients cause this skin type to react. With this Cara Skin Care Treatment not only will your skin feel fresh and clean, but it will also help reduce any irritation, redness or inflammation with the use of our Soothing Recovery Mask as well as our Silc Radiance Repair Serum which provides a shield against environmental aggressions.


Sun Damage Treatment - 60min / 90min

This treatment will aid in the reversal of some sun damage. Targeting dry flakey skin with the use of our Exfoliating Cleanser as well as our Multi Active Scrub, this will leave you with new skin to work with. By applying a Soothing serum and Radiance Repair Serium, we can work at reducing facial redness, calming reactive skin and shielding the skin from further environmental aggressions. Topping off this facial with our Daily Solar Guard SPF25 will have you leaving confidently protected from UVA/UVB rays.


Rosacea Treatment - 60min / 90min 

The rosacea skin care treatment is specially designed to combat redness and irritation by calling and soothing the skin with a selection of gentle, scent free products.  The highlight of this treatment is the use of Cara's Hydracalm Soothing Serum, which will nourish and heal the skin, as well as the use of Cellmx Moisture Cream, the MDI complex addresses rosacea skin condition and aid in the healing process.

Eczema Treatment - 60min / 90min

Treating eczema requires diligent attention as it can be controlled with proper care, this treatment will help relieve and prevent dry and itchy skin with the use of our Multi Active Scrub and the Pumpkin Heat Exfoliating Mask mixed together will gently remove any flaky, itchy skin. The carefully selective ingredients in the Soothing Recovery Mask allows Copper PCA and Aloe Vera to help heal and sooth irritated skin conditions. Finishing off our treatment with the Postrx Remedy Soothing Cream aids in the healing process.

Hydrating Eye Treatment​ - 15min - $25.00

This treatment is perfect for anybody on the go, but still wanting a touch of relaxation and pampering. This treatment will hydrate, cool and calm the skin around your eyes, using the Cara Soothing Recovery Calming Gel Mask. Your skin will feel rejuvenated after a relaxing eye area massage. Top this treatment off with the Cara Revive Eye Gel to hydrate and firm the skin around your eyes, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, as well as under eye puffiness.



 **Add a Hydrating Eye Treatment to any facial**

**All Facials include relaxing  décolleté, neck, and face massage**


**90min facials include extractions**


**Facials begin with a foot massage, any concerns with your feet please inform your Aesthetician**

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