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Manicure in Kingston

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Spa Manicure - 60min - $50.00

A spa manicure is the best way to get deep hydration into the skin on your hands. A spa manicure includes clipping and filing your nails as well as cuticle work. A deep exfoliation of the fore arm and hands to give your skin a clean feel and a glowing look, followed by the deeply moisturizing benefit of Eco Fin, a paraffin alternative. Every manicure includes a relaxing and soothing arm and hand massage and topped with a clean polish application.

​Basic Manicure - 45min - $35.00

The basic manicure includes nail care which would include clipping and filing the nails as well as cuticle work, followed by an arm and hand massage to ease any aching muscles, followed by polish application.

Express Manicure - 30min - $25.00

The express manicure is wonderful for individuals wishing to maintain they're nail care in between basic manicure appointments.  The basic manicure provides nail care such as clipping and filing the nail or cuticle work, it depends on what you feel needs to be done on your hands. A small hand massage is also provided followed by polish application.

O.P.I. Shellac Manicure - 45min - $47.00

The Shellac Manicure allows you to enjoy the relaxing experience of the Basic manicure, but instead of a regular polish application, I use O.P.I. Shellac to prolong your polish wear time. If your looking for polish that won't chip for a night out, special occasion or vacation, then the O.P.I. Shellac manicure is perfect for you.

French Polish - $10.00

A french application is available for every manicure.

Polish Change - 15min - $10.00

Eco Fin Add On - 15min - $10.00

Customize your express or basic manicure with the option to add deep moisturization to your skin, with the use of Shea Butter, Palm Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, and Organic Coconut Oil.