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** Jessica's Aesthetics requires a 25% deposit for all full set extensions. deposits can be made via PayPal, E-Transfer or pay in store**

Natural Full Set - $80.00 - 1.5hr

If you are looking for a softer more natural lash extension then this is the set to get. Each synthetics lash is applied to every one of your natural lash, creating a fuller lash look. 


Jessica's Aesthetics has a variety of curl definitions, making each lash set unique to the person wearing them.


Natural Set Refill

2 Week Fill - $20.00

3 Week Fill - $30.00

4 Week Fill - $40.00

**Anything over 4 weeks is considered a full set which is $80.00** 

Volume Lash Full Set - $120.00 - 2hr

If you are looking for a fuller and more dramatic lash look than what is achieved with the Natural Full Set than Volume is for you.

The Natural set has a 1:1 Ratio (1 synthetic lash to one of your natural lashes), the Volume set has a 3:1 Ration (3 Synthetic lashes to one of your natural lashes) giving your lashes a more fluffy, fuller and dramatic look.

Volume Set Refill 

2 Week Fill - $40.00

3 Week Fill - $50.00

4 Week Fill - $60.00

​**Anything over 4 weeks is considered to be a full set which is $120.00**

For best results please arrive without eye makeup applied. For optimal results minimal to no mascara up to 48hrs prior to your appointment, this reduces the time needed to clean up any eye makeup, which that time can be used towards applying your lashes.

Post care;

24hrs after your lashes have been applied do not get your lashes wet. Avoid showers, facial services, tanning, and any excessive workouts. Your can wash your face, but only do so with a face cloth.

Jessica's Aesthetics

Jessica's Aesthetics uses 100% Synthetic Premium Mink Eyelashes, making the lashes used 100% cruelty free but still lightweight and durable.

Each lash is applied individually, giving you a more natural appearance. Each synthetic lash is applied to your natural lash, not to the skin.  Jessica's Aesthetics carries Lashes By Design's Ellipse Lashes Grooved Lashes, these lashes are suitable for everyone, this is because the lash itself is equivalent to the weight of a 0.15 lash, which is very light and will not damage you natural lash.  Although the lash itself weighs at 0.15 because it is grooved it gives you the appearance of a lash at a .20 weight, giving your lash set a more thicker appearance (without all the weight).

Lashes By Designs Ellipse Grooved lashes are 100% safe for your eyes and your natural lash, with their advanced adhesive you are guaranteed the best results.